I am now based in Glass House Mountains, QLD, Australia


January 30, February 13, 27, March 5,12 & 19, 2016.  NO classes on Feb 6 & 20.

6-week Open Course on Yantra Yoga– The Preliminaries including the famous Eight Movements of Purifying the Prana.

Saturdays 10-11:30 a.m. $90 for 6 weeks. Pre-registration required. 

Visit here:

Learn to purify, coordinate, and strengthen all aspects of your energy with Yantra Yoga, one of the oldest systems of yoga in the world. The eight fundamental aspects of breath in Yantra Yoga (inhaling slowly, holding open, directing the hold, fast exhalation, fast inhalation, closing the hold, holding with contraction, and exhaling slowly) are a unique set of exercises that apply movement and breath in a precise, coordinated, and conscious way.

Discover the essence of this potent and transformative practice, and learn to

  • Harmonize and reshape the entire functioning of your breathing system, including four different ways of inhaling, exhaling, and holding the breath
  • Make your body more flexible and fit
  • Improve overall strength and health.


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